5.Corporate Profile

Kochi System Development, Inc. Corporate Profile

Our company was born as a system house with computer technology broad from the design of a digital circuit to development of various software, when the personal computer was called the microcomputer.

Development of the word processor for blind persons was started in 1984 by request of Mr. Arimitsu and Mr. Kitagawa of a Kochi blind school. And in this development, we received cooperation of Mr. Hasegawa of the University of Tsukuba adscription blind school. Next year, first "AOK Braille-points input, and voice response word processor" in Japan were completed.

Since then, we are performing development of the various software for visually impaired persons, sale, and after-sale service for the purpose of a visually impaired person's assisted living and social participation. Many users of the Japan whole country use now.

Development of a personal computer in recent years, a peripheral device, software, and an information communication network has had big influence also on a visually impaired person's world.

It is possible to acquire freely the various information on the Internet, such as a homepage and E-mail, in reading out the printed matter of a printing type with voice using a scanner.

Our company thinks that he wants to further development in the future so that visually impaired persons can use the environment of such a highly informative society more positively.

Kochi System Development, Inc.
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